Super Multidophilus 24,Two Capsules Daily, 30bil, 60ct, Veggie Capsule


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Super Multidophilus 24

Two Capsules Daily, 30bil, 60ct, Veggie Capsule

-Multidophilus contains the live, probiotic bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus, which is naturally found in the stomach/intestines. Some conditions such as antibiotic use can cause problems with the normal balance of bacteria in the stomach/intestines, resulting in diarrhea. This product can help restore the normal balance of intestinal bacteria. This product has been used for diarrhea and other stomach/intestinal problems. It has also been used for infections in the vagina and urinary tract.

-Great if taken as a diuretic for immune strength and overall gastro health.

-May help with symptoms of IBS and UTI's.


L. plantarum

L. rhamnosus

B. lactis

L. acidophilus

L. lactis

B. infantis

B. breve

B. bifidum

B. longum

L. bulgaricus

L. casei

L. delbrueckii

L. brevis

E. faecium

Lc. lactis

Lc. cremoris

L. paracasei

L. salvarius

L. gasseri

L. helveticus

L. fermentum

L. kefir

P. acidilacti

Streptococcus thermophilus

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