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Independence Day

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Edgewood Dispensary

Cannabis, CBD, Vitamins, Supplements - We got you covered.

We truly believe that craft cannabis should be part of your daily regime. At Verve Heath Shop, we focus on select top shelf offerings. If you are looking for a local Edgewood dispo that will take time to be helpful, offer quality wellness solutions, and address you by your name, we are your type of dispensary. At Verve we believe that education and advocacy is the key to understanding the powers of this amazing plant.  We offer a wide range of vitamins and supplements as well as high quality local CBD products. If you are interested in complete wellness solutions, stop in today and talk to our helpful consultants.


We Support NM Microproducers

Verve Health Shop and Roadrunner Cannabis are family businesses and we work with other local New Mexico families to provide you with high quality artisan cannabis products. Microproducers are dedicated to sharing their craft so others can benefit from this wonderful plant. Stop in at your local Edgewood Dispensary today and support truly local family businesses.