Sandalwood Australian Organic, As Needed, 5ml, Liquid


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Sandalwood Australian Organic

As Needed, 5ml, Liquid

– This sustainably grown and harvested species is used similarly to Indian Sandalwood. Warm, woody and musky base scent with a light, spicy top note. Excellent addition to facial and skincare blends. Useful aromatherapy for tension, stress and nervousness. Blends well with most floral, wood and citrus oils.

– Sandalwood from India has been over-harvested and is considered endangered. Use Blue Cypress, Australian Sandalwood, or our Australian-grown Indian Sandalwood as a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative. Simplers Botanical Company supports the efforts of United Plant Savers and does not offer products from endangered or at risk plants.


100% pure Organic Australian Sandalwood (Santalum spicatum) essential oil.