Neem Toothpaste Vegan, Cinnamon, Twice Daily, 4.23oz, Paste


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Neem Toothpaste Vegan, Cinnamon, Twice Daily, 4.23oz, Paste

The neem tree is a tropical tree that's native to Asia, neem has been a natural dental hygiene solution for centuries in India and parts of Africa. It is said that people have used the twigs of a neem tree to brush their teeth. As a result, these people have been able to maintain excellent dental health. This is just as true for true for areas that don't have access to modern dental care.

Neem has a much more effective and natural way of cleaning the mouth than conventional grocery store toothpaste. It actually has bacteria fighting agents that will actually cleanse the whole mouth vs. just the teeth and will not stain your teeth or dose you with flouride.

Recommended Dosage: Squeeze desired amount onto bristles of toothbrush and brush teeth daily.

Ingredients: sorbitol (plant-derived), purified (demineralized) water, vegetable glycerin, silica (salt minerals), sodium lauroyl sarcosinate (from coconut oil), cellulose gum (from plant), xylitol, *neem herbs pure extract (azadirachta indica), *black seed, *babool (acacia arabica), *miswak, *licorice root, *lodhra, *triphala, *bakul, *herabol, *tea tree oil, *olive oil, *cinnamon, *clove, *cardamom, *sat ajwain (thymol & cinnamon oil), sodium benzoate (food grade), natural flavors (menthol, peppermint, anethole & winter green oil)

*Organic Herb Extract