Immunity Support for Children

Let me introduce my family. We are a close knit group of 8; 6 kiddos and 2 adults. I have lived on a ranch my entire life and have raised my children on the same property. Everyone does their part to help out in maintaining our land.

We work every day chucking hay to horses and cows, building pens or doing something else outdoors. It is not uncommon for us to end the day with a dirty pile of laundry and some tuckered out kids. This lifestyle requires a group effort and can be impacted by even one of us being absent.

That is where immunity comes in. We have to keep our immune systems strong to make sure all the work gets done. If one of us is down, even the little ones, it really makes a difference. Our kids are 15, 13, 8, 7, 5 and 4. None of them are especially keen on taking pills and it has been difficult to maintain a routine of getting all of our supplements in. This is why it took me by surprise that after I introduced the ZHOU vitamin C gummy, I found myself hiding them so they wouldn’t eat them all day!

Everyone who has kids knows that you have to be creative when it comes to your child’s nutrition. We have made it a daily routine that we take our vitamins before bed. Everyone lines up at night and we all take our gummies together. Our older kids are setting a good example for the little ones and it is something that we can all do together.

Along with healthy choices in food, we have found that not one of us came down with a cold or anything really remotely close. We believe this has been influenced by our consistency with our vitamins.

We will continue to support our bodies in a healthy way and make sure we keep stocked up on these awesome immune boosters.

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