Should I add collagen to my coffee?

Collagen has been one of many trends to hit the wellness community recently, and for good reason. Collagen has been shown to have great impact on joint pain, skin complexion, and overall body recovery. There are many different sources of collagen, but most come from animals (Our Vegan friends should check out Organifi – Glow, but beware of even smaller amounts of protein).

With all these great benefits, on top of being high in protein, low in carbs, tasteless, and odorless, it is not surprising that many of us have been adding it to our morning coffees for a boost.

So with all these pros, there must be a con right? The most notable one is the fact that collagen is not considered a complete protein, meaning that is does not have an adequate essential amino acid profile. This means that while the product is great for many reasons, it is not considered suitable to use as your sole protein source.

Although it cannot replace your protein, add it to your favorite drink and experience your skin bounce back like never before!

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